Julie Rankin


Hi, I'm Julie. I am designer and developer with a passion for strategy and user experience. I am an advocate for digital accessibility, sustainability and usability. Whether working with businesses, not-for-profits or individuals, I’ve seen the power of digital experiences to have positive real-world outcomes and to promote change.

With over a decade of experience in both freelance and agency environments, I design and develop websites that are elegant, engaging and efficient.

I also write fiction, recently started my own substack newsletter and am a writer and editor for Bright Noise, an online publication I co-founded in 2021.

In my spare time I'm often found walking along the Vancouver seawall, enjoying some live music or indulging in a good detective series.

I am currently booking new projects for fall/winter 2024.

Have an idea? See what we can make together.

Additional websites I've developed:

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